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PACE 203™

Dual chamber Temporary Cardiac PacemakerByt till svenska

The PACE 203™ is the third generation of the Osypka Medical line of dual-chamber temporary cardiac pacemakers. Relying on over 25 years of experience in cardiac pacing, the PACE 203™ represents the today's standard in temporary pacing technology.


  • Easy setup of stimulation parameters by ergonomically designed knobs and soft keys.
  • Large backlit display informs quickly about battery status, pacing mode, parameter settings, activated automatic functions and lead system safety surveillance.
  • High rate function for rapid atrial pacing of up to 1,000 ppm (adjustable while applying rapid atrial pacing therapy).
  • Activate emergency stimulation mode (V00, 12 V, 80ppm) by pressing a button (labeled "EMERGENCY").
  • Convenient measurement of P/R wave peak amplitudes while pressing a button (labeled "PAUSE").
  • Optional functions which automatically adjust settings for AV delay, PVARP and MTR depending on selected stimulation rate.
  • Optional AUTO SENSE function which automatically tracks P/R wave peak amplitudes and adjusts atrial and ventricular sensitivities accordingly.
  • Automatic mode switch to asynchronous modes upon detection of interference (safety feature).
  • Continuous surveillance of battery exhaustion and pacing lead system integrity (safety feature).
  • Customize, save and recall pre-set parameter values for quick setup.
  • Multilingual device messages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian or Swedish).
  • Standard 9 Volt Alkaline Battery provides at least 8 days of continuous operation (DDD, standard pacing parameters).
  • Optional AC power supply saves battery power. Battery must remain in battery compartment in case of AC power shortage.
  • Patient cable system features patented connections with protected pins for convenient, reliable electrical connections for optimal patient safety.
  • Attaches easily to bed or IV pole.

The pacemaker providedes fast access to the primary pacing modes DDD, VVI, AAI and VDD and the secondary pacing modes derived. In edition the following sublimentary modes can be adjusted D00, V00, A00, DVI, DAI, VAT, AAT, DDD+AT and DAT.

The PACE 203™ can be used to measure atrial or ventricular voltage stimulation thresholds and determine the approximate P wave potentials sensed via the atrial pacing lead electrodes and the approximate R wave potentials sensed via the ventricular pacing lead electrodes.

Download datasheet PACE 203 (English/Deutsch) Adobe PDF

Download datasheet PACE 203 JJ - pediatric use (English) Adobe PDF

Download datasheet BPI 202 - interface for aortic ballon pump (English) Adobe PDF

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