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PSA 300™

Standalone, Handheld, 3-Chamber Pacing System Analyzer Byt till svenska

Measures in situ lead characteristics of impedance, P/R wave peak amplitudes and slew rates. Aids in determination of capture threshold and tests of antegrade conduction (Wenckebach point) and retrograde conduction.

  • Three independent pacing/sensing IEGM channels plus the surface ECG and a marker channel
  • User interface providing 6 ½ inch touch screen geared towards specific applications
  • Bluetooth capability enables data storage onto a PC and access to a wireless printer
  • Compatible with standard extension cables and connectors

Six operating modes are provided
  • 1/A – Atrial channel
  • 2/RV – Right ventricular channel
  • 3/LV – Left Ventricular channel
  • DDD – AV-synchronous stimulation
  • CRT – Biventricular stimulation
  • UHS – Universal Heart Stimulation

The PSA 300™ is a standalone, handheld, three-chamber pacing system analyzer.The system can determine the pacing threshold, commanded or continuous lead impedance, and sensing threshold for each of the three individual pacing channels; or resemble a dual-chamber or biventricular pacemaker in the DDD and CRT ‘concert’ mode. A user friendly and intuitive touch-screen interface employs only those functions and measurements which are relevant to the specific applications, reducing clutter and confusion for the engaged electrophysiologist.

The user can record, store, and review measured data and captured intra cardiac electrocardiogram (IEGM) waveforms. A wireless Bluetooth™ interface to a PC or wireless printer allows documentation and archiving of data.

The optional UHS™ mode functions as a diagnostic tool in electrophysiological examinations, particularly along clinical protocols for the induction of supra-ventricular tachycardia. The PSA 300™ offers a simple yet intelligent interface for programmable electrical stimulation (PES), allowing programming of synchronous and asynchronous burst trains, or incremental and decremental train patterns (ramp).

Additional key features include: fixed keys for high-rate stimulation (up to 1,000 ppm), emergency pacing, and back-up stimulation. The PSA 300™ is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which provides up to 4 hours of operation when fully charged, and incorporates a universal medical grade power supply.

Temporary Stimulation

Provides temporary stimulation under DDD, DDI, DOO, VVI, VDD, VOO, AAI, AOO modes, including biventricular pacing modes DDD(BV), DDD(LV), and DDD(RV).


A fully customizable programmable electrical stimulator (PES) system which allows programming of trained electrical impulses for diagnostic purposes.

Download Datasheet PSA 300 Adobe PDF

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