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Window to the Heart™Byt till svenska

Noninvasive measurement of cardio-dynamics in adults, children, und neonates. Built on the same measuring principles as AESCULON®.

ICON.jpgBlood Flow

Electrical Velocimetry™ (EV™) determines:

  • Stroke Volume (SV) / Stroke Index (SI)
  • Stroke Volume Variation (SVV)
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Cardiac Output (CO) / Cardiac Index (CI)


  • Index of Contractility (ICON®)
  • Variation of Index of Contractility (VIC™)
  • Systolic Time Ratio (STR = PEP/TLVE)

Fluid Status

  • Thoracic Fluid Index (TFI)


  • Continuous monitoring of user-defined hemodynamic parameters
  • 3.5” high resolution color display
  • Very easy to use
  • Help by pressing a key
  • User language selectable
  • Continuous surveillance of proper sensor contact
  • Stand-alone or attachment to pole
  • Rechargeable battery backup for up to 120 min of operation
  • Wall power supply included

Download Product brochure ICON Adobe PDF

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