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Window to the Circulation®Byt till svenska

Window to the Circulation® - you can hardly describe any better the purpose of the AESCULON®. Four ECG surface electrodes are attached to the subject and connected to the AESCULON® via a patient cable. It takes only a few cardiac cycles until the AESCULON® displays beat-to-beat or averaged the following hemodynamic parameters:

  • Stroke Volume (SV) / Stroke Index
  • Aesculon-sideview.pngHeart Rate (HR)
  • Cardiac Output (CO) / Cardiac Index (CI)
  • Index of Contractility (ICON®) - a dimensionless index representing the peak aortic blood acceleration in the aorta
  • Thoracic Fluid Index (TFI) - a dimensionless index representing the thoracic fluids
  • Systolic time intervals - the Pre-Ejection Period (PEP), Left- Ventricular Ejection Time (TLVE), or flow time, and the Systolic Time Ratio (STR), i.e. the ratio of PEP and TLVE.

For documentation purposes, invasively obtained values for systolic and diastolic arterial blood pressure and the mean atrial pressure (MAP), Central Venous Pressure (CVP) and Pulmonary Artery Occluded Pressure (PAOP) can be entered manually.

Tailored to specific applications various hardware and software options may be incorporated into the AESCULON®:

  • Option NIBP
  • Option Pulse Oxymetry
  • Option HTN Clinic™
  • Option Pacemaker Clinic™

The AESCULON® presents the hemodynamic parameters in different views:

  • Default View
  • Tabular View
  • Trend View
  • Chart View
  • Management View

Download product brochure AESCULON Adobe PDF

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